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Cassida Corporation is a global leader in cash automation solutions. Our innovative products empower businesses of all sizes to operate more efficiently and securely in the handling of their lifeblood– cash. Cassida’s line includes business-grade bill counters, counterfeit detectors with industry-best false reject rates, top-performing coin counters/sorters and, in the Cassida Pro Series, innovative new advances in bill discriminators.

Our Expertise
Since 1999, Cassida has been innovating currency handling solutions for the most demanding business environments around the globe, across multiple countries and currencies. This established expertise, along with our continuous research in money printing and security measures, allows us to always be one step ahead in currency compatibility and counterfeit detection.

Our Products
Cassida manufactures a complete line of money handling equipment. Our wide selection of paper and coin currency counters, sorters and counterfeit detectors provide flexible business solutions for today's cash handling environment. Cassida's comprehensive product portfolio offers a variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes, from desktop machines for low cash volume operations to heavy-duty, state-of-the-art counters for cash-intensive environments like banks and casinos.


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Cassida Central Asia
Cassida Corporation CIS
21A Babur Street
Tashkent | 100070 Uzbekistan

(+998) 90.808.90.11

Cassida Eurasia
111020, Moscow, 2nd St. Sinichkina, d.9A page 3

Cassida Middle East
Office # 101, First Floor Biyat Complex Hor Al Anz East
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
PO box 454867


Cassida North America
11035 Technology Place,
Suite 500
San Diego, CA USA 92127


Cassida China
China, Zhejiang Province,
Wenzhou City,
Ouzhoucheng Comm Building

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